Welcome to the TRANSEMED database on urban air pollution in East Mediterranean urban areas

The East Mediterranean Basin (EMB) is a region under considerable environmental and anthropogenic pressures. Future decadal projections point to the EMB as a possible hot spot of poor air quality and predict a continual and gradual warming in the region, much stronger than other regions in the context of global climate change. The increase and accumulation of anthropogenic emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants, and on-road transport emissions in particular, are suspected as one of the key compounding factors of those environmental impacts. Therefore, the quantification of present and future emissions in the EMB is crucial.

The main objective of TRANSEMED is to identify and quantify the anthropogenic emissions of gaseous and particulate pollutants at the EMB urban scale.

Since 2011, our consortium has implemented various field experiments in urban areas representative of the East Mediterranean. TRANSEMED has generated for the first time a very detailed and region specific multi-pollutant database including short-lived and long –lived gases and particles. Beyond environmental impacts, this database provides a scientific basis for policy makers on emission control for the improvement of air quality and the mitigation of climate change in the EMB. Several research institutions from France and from East Mediterranean countries (Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus) cooperate on this project.

Target urban areas during the TRANSEMED experiments

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