Mediterranean Integrated STudies at Regional And Local Scales


A major computer malfunction on December 12, 2023 has forced us to accelerate the implementation of the new MISTRALS portal.
We are actively working to restore access to the data. However, PI or data user, you can now ask us any questions you may have via the contact form.


MISTRALS (Meditarranean Integrated STudies at Regional And Local Scales) is a decennial research program dedicated to the understanding of the Mediterranean Basin environnemental process and its evolution. It includes eight projects that cover all the Earth system components (atmosphere, ocean, continental surfaces, lithosphere…) as well as social sciences studies.

Many scientific communities and countries

  • Different data sharing practices, intellectual property definitions…
  • Different “standards” (formats, quality flags, properties names …)
  • Different expertise levels and data user expectations

Data heterogeneity

  • In situ observations, model outputs, satellite products, impact studies, social sciences surveys…
  • Research data vs operational data
  • Many time scales: historical data, monitoring, campaigns…