Dataset Edition

General information
Dataset nameDust_model_intercomparison_ALADIN-Dust
Created on2013-06-28
Useful in the framework ofChArMEx > TRAQA
ChArMEx > TT6 Modelling > Dust summer 2012
Dataset Contact(s)
Data access Dataset as provided by the Principal Investigator

ALADIN-Dust is available for the model Intercomparison for summer 2012

Model information
Parameter nameAerosol Optical Depth/Thickness
Parameter keywordAtmosphere > Aerosols > Aerosol Optical Depth/Thickness
Unitno unit
Temporal Coverage
Date begin2012-06-01Date end2012-08-31
Geographic Coverage
Area nameEuropean/Mediterranean Area
Grid type
Original Grid typeLambert conformal grid.
Data use information
Use constraintsPermission is granted to use these data and images in research and publications when accompanied by the following statement : «All measurement presented here are from the Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment project(ChArMEx ,, which is the atmospheric component of the French multidisplinary program MISTRALS (Mediterranean Integrated Studies aT Regional And Local Scales). ChArMEx-France was principally funded by INSU, ADEME, ANR, CNES, CTC (Corsica region), EU/FEDER, Météo-France, and CEA. The aircraft were operated by SAFIRE.»
TRAQA was funded by ADEME/PRIMEQUAL and MISTRALS/ChArMEx programmes and Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées.
CNRM-GAME's TRAMM team of Météo France is acknowledged for their aircraft data processing and ALADIN-Dust simulation.
Data policyChArMEx data and publication policy
Data format(s)NetCDF