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Welcome to The TerMEx Database

The objective of this database is to stimulate the exchange of information and the collaboration between researchers involved in the TerMEx program. The TerMEx program addresses, within the framework of circum-Mediterranean cooperation, two sets of major challenges: (1) the scientific challenges of the Mediterranean deep Earth dynamics, its basin deposits and its interactions with climate, and (2) the societal challenges associated with natural hazards, resources and climate change.

The database aims at documenting, storing and distributing the data produced or used by the TerMEx community. This community is not exclusive and we encourage researchers of associated and related programs in the Mediterranean (e.g. Actions Marges and ESF-TopoMed) to join-in the community.

The database is a depository for data products of different levels: (1) raw scientific data; (2) treated data; and (3) interpreted and compiled data. The database system provides a detailed description of the products and uses standardized formats whenever it is possible. It defines the access rules to the data and details the mutual rights and obligations of data providers and users (see data and publication policy). Any data owner who wishes to add or link his dataset to TerMEx database is welcome to contact the database manager in order to get help and support. The database is being developed jointly by : SEDOO, OMP Toulouse , ICARE, Lille and ESPRI, IPSL Paris

Bureau TerMEx
François ROURE
Christian GORINI

TerMEx database contact
Jeffrey POORT