Provide data

Provide in situ data

MERMeX data providers are invited to upload their data files on the MERMeX ftp site: . To achieve it you may use a ftp client, like filezilla or coreftp, and your MISTRALS login and password to connect. If not already done, you can register at the following address:

When possible, please convert your datafiles into netCDF or CSV format for data exchange.

    Once connected to the FTP, please

    • create your own directory
    • upload your data files

    Do not hesitate to provide any available documentation about the data. It will be automatically sent to every user who will download the dataset. In particular, a readme file describing the data files content and format is welcome.

    If not already done, add or update a metadata form describing the datasets you provide at the following address:

    After uploading your data, please inform us by email: so that we can make the data avalaible. Don't forget to mention the following items:

    • The name of the FTP directory where you uploaded your data
    • The title of the metadata form describing your dataset
    • Which data policy (Public, MISTRALS or MERMeX Core Users Access) and "use constraints" should be applied to your data. Use contraints example: Permission is granted to use these data and images in research and publications when accompanied by the following statement: "Data were obtained from the MERMeX program, sponsored by Grants MISTRALS/MERMeX [ and the relevant project or Institution or Lab]."

    Provide model outputs or value-added datasets

    Large dataset providers are invited to contact in order to define the best way to upload the data.