Provide data

Provide in situ data

ChArMEx data providers are invited to upload their data files on the ChArMEx ftp site: (you will need an ftp client like filezilla or coreftp).
Use your ChArMEx login and password to connect to our ftp. If not already done, you can register at the following address:

When possible, please convert your datafiles into netCDF or NASA-AMES format for data exchange.

Once connected to the FTP, please

  • create your own directory
  • upload your data files

Do not hesitate to provide any available documentation about the data. It will be automatically sent to every user who download the dataset.

If not already done, add or update a metadata form describing the datasets you are responsible for at the following address:

After uploading your data, please inform us via e-mail () so that we can make the data avalaible.
Don't forget to mention the following items:

  • The name of the FTP directory where you uploaded your data
  • The title of the Metadata form describing your dataset
  • Which data policy (Public, Associated Scientists or Core Users Access,( see datapolicy.pdf) and "use constraints" should be applied to your data.
    Use contraints example: Permission is granted to use these data and images in research and publications when accompanied by the following statement: "Data were obtained from the ChArMEx program, sponsored by Grants MISTRALS/ChArMEx [ and the relevant project or Institution or Lab]." or "The authors acknowledge [the relevant project or Institution or Lab] for supplying the data and the ChArMEx database teams (ESPRI/IPSL and SEDOO/OMP) for their help in accessing the data."

Provide satellite and model data

ChArMEx data providers are invited to () in order to define the best way to upload their satellite or model data.